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Computer Science

Sources for computer science research


In this guide you will find:

  • Recommended Journals, Newspapers, and Databases
  • Technology news
  • Online Reference & Websites
  • Information on finding books
  • Citation Toolkit
  • Information on requesting resources NNU does not own
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Get Started! Identify your terms

Click on the image to go to this "mind map" and online reference library (Credo Reference) or use the Credo Search Box above to search for other terms

The Big Picture: Using the "Everything" Search Box on the Library's Homepage

The "Everything" search means you are searching for all formats: books, ebooks, videos, CDs, and a selection of articles. To get a broad range of results, start with a very general topic.

It's a good place to start research, and to get ideas for terms. Be sure to click on the titles, then the "Description" section for more details, subject terms, tables of contents, etc. You can use the menu options on the left margin to narrow your search.

Click on the image to start searching!

Library Homepage

For more specific article searches, please look at the Journals, Magazines & Databases tab on this guide,

or go to the library's homepage to Databases A-Z (in the Research menu)