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NNU Policy for resource use

For the duration of your course you will be allowed to request articles from the NNU print or digital collection.  To request articles, use this form and watch your email for delivery.  Please allow at least 24 business hours for delivery.  If the article you are requesting is NOT part of our print or digital collection we will notify you that your request cannot be filled.  If you have questions, please contact Prof. LaRita Schandorff,, 208-467-8606

NASN Research Priorities for School Nurses

Critical Priorities:

  • Determine the impact school nurse interventions have on students managing their chronic conditions (particularly diabetes and asthma).
    Example: Measure the impact of various evidence based school nurse interventions (individual healthcare plans, training) on safe school environment, student demonstrated health condition self-management, readiness to learn, and incidence of emergencies / exacerbations.

  • Determine the impact of school nurse interventions on identified school nurse sensitive indicators (attendance, seat time, early dismissal, health office visits, medication administration accuracy, and immunization rates).

  • Conduct cost-benefits analysis of various school nurse interventions (care coordination, student safety, prevention services, and ER/911 visits).

  • Evaluate current models of school nurse practice (i.e. RN per school or RN-supervised health extenders covering multiple schools) and their impact on various outcomes (student safety, student physical and mental health, academics, access to care, securing medical homes).

Subject Guide