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E-books at Riley Library

A guide to ebook options available at NNU, written for both students and faculty

E-books at Riley Library -- Introduction

There are a number of ways to access the library's ebooks. Choose the one that works for you.

Just remember that our ebooks reside on a number of different "platforms" which just means they come from different publishers, so the interface and its tools may vary depending on which publisher collection the content is coming from. 

The majority of our ebooks are in EBook Central, but we also have a number of reference books in a collection called Credo and some in the EBSCO database, and both Oxford and Cambridge databases have ebooks.

Top 3 Methods for Finding ebooks

1) From the big search box on the library's webpage. Since this box searches several databases and the WorldCat worldwide catalog of 3,000 libraries, you'll need to limit to "ebooks" as the format after you get your results. Look for the View Online button to open the ebook, or click on the book title for even more viewing options.

2) From Databases A-Z.  From the Research drop-down menu on the library's website, select Databases A-Z. Select "EBook Central" to search just the Ebook Central collection of books directly. Other ebook collections are also listed there if you'd like to search them directly - Credo (reference books) and EBSCO ebooks.

4) From the All ProQuest database link.  If you like using the ProQuest interface for your work and you're also looking for articles, this might be a nice option.  Since the Ebook Central company is owned by ProQuest (I know - it's complicated!), you'll always see a link to ebooks in your results when searching in ProQuest. To search Ebook Central on the ProQuest platform use this link.