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Library Instruction: FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find tutorials, Open Library Lab workshop schedules, links to tutoring schedules and more.

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Your liaison librarian can help you with...

  • Focusing your topic
  • Searching databases efficiently
  • Locating appropriate journals and publisher contact information for submitting your research for publication.
  • How to cite "difficult" sources not covered by a style manual.
  • Tracking down unpublished sources
  • Connecting you with community resource persons for interviews.
  • Strategies for organizing and managing sources for a large project


How can I tell if the NNU library has this book?

If you know the title, type it into the library's catalog search box using the tool at the top right corner of this Library Guide and place the title in quotes.  You can also use the search box on the library's home page.  If the title appears in your results you'll see a call number and status which will help you locate the material on the library shelves. 

If you're not real sure about the title, the author, or other information contact a librarian and we'll be glad to help you.

What if the book I want is checked out?

You can use the REQUEST button in the library's catalog and this will place a hold on the book.  You'll be notified by email when the book is returned and it becomes available for you to check out.

I'm an online student.  How can I use the books in the library's collection?

There are over 100,000 ebooks in the library's collection that can be accessed from anywhere in the world if you have Internet access.  However, if you see something in the library's print collection, use the REQUEST button that appears next to the item in the library catalog and submit a REQUEST.  After requesting, be sure to follow up with an email message to us at to notify us that you have placed the hold and wish to have the materials mailed to you. 

I found an article, but it's not in full text.  How can I get a copy of this article?

If you found the article using the library's databases, use the REQUEST THROUGH INTERLIBRARY LOAN or FIND A COPY options in the database.  When you click on these it offers you a form where you will complete your contact information.  This sends the request to the library and we will get the material for you from some other library on your behalf.  This service is free, but it is limited to 40 items per semester if you are a graduate student and 20 if you are an undergraduate student.  The article will be sent in digital format to your NNU email account, so check it frequently!  Allow at least 3 business days for this process.  Please refer to our Interlibrary Loan Policy for more information.

How do I request an article if I all I have is the citation?

Please use the Request a Book or Request an Article form.  If you request a book you will receive an email notifying you that the book is ready to be picked up at the Learning Commons Service Desk.  Articles will be sent to your NNU email account. Allow at least 7-10 days for books and 2-3 business days for articles.  Please refer to our Interlibrary Loan Policy for more information.

Why am I getting a 401 Forbidden message when I try to login to the NNU databases?

There are a number of reasons why this might be happening but most frequently it is because your account is not current with the library's system.  Please contact the library by phone (208-467-8606) during library hours or email and we'll confirm that you are currently a registered student and, if so, restore your access to the system.  We're sorry, but the library cannot offer on-going access to NNU Alumni.

How do I send a print job to a campus copy machine from my laptop?

Attach the document to an email message and send it to  After you've done that, go to any campus copy machine, scan your NNU ID card to login and release your print job.

How can I find my ID#/library card #? I need it to log in to the library's online resources.

You can access your ID by logging in to the Portal Once logged in, look in the upper right corner for a link called “Personal Info.” Click the link. Your ID number may be in two places: in the biographical info and in the academic info. If there are zeroes in front of the number, you may ignore them when entering your ID number to access library resources.