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APA Formatting Help

Basic format rules for APA papers

Dissertation & Thesis APA Formatting in 30 minutes - FLAT!

This exercise will take you step-by-step through the mechanices of formatting your manuscript so that it conforms to the APA 6th edition and also the NNU Guidelines required for submitting a dissertation or master's thesis for publication to your program and to the NNU Library for publication. 

1. Download the Dummy doc and open in Word.

2. Open up the APA Formatting exercise in another window and/or watch the video tutorials.  Follow these instructions carefully and apply each step to the "Dummy Doc" that you have opened in Word.  Each heading in the exercise is also a link to the animated tutorial demonstrating exactly how to do each step.  Follow these instructions in the order given and you will be on your way! 

All of these video tutorials are based on Microsoft Office Word 2010 for PC

Modifying the document layout (changing margins, font, alignment of title page)

Inserting manual page breaks and section breaks (title,abstract, table of contents, and body)

Inserting page numbers in the footer (switching from Roman to Arabic, or no page numbers)

Creating reusable styles to conform to APA Heading types

Formatting entire document for APA style

Inserting citations and creating reference /bibliography page 

Creating table of contents (so that page numbers align)

Saving as a template for future use

Submitting Your Dissertation to ETD

NNU uses the ProQuest/UMI online tool for submitting your dissertations to your advisory and chair.  This tool manages the review, clearing, and publishing of your manuscript in the most efficient fashion .  Check with your department or program coordinator for deadlines and submission guidelines specific to your program. 

Video Tutorials - How to Submit your manuscript online

Support and Resources for online submission

Ready?  Submit and Upload your dissertation/thesis to your NNU Program Administrator here

APA Manual