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Turnitin & Plagiarism: RefWorks & Other Citation Tools


Refworks is a web based tool that helps you create citations, store and manage all of your sources for all of your classes.  From library databases you can EXPORT articles to RefWorks where they will be stored until you're ready to create a bibliography.  THEN--- this is the best part --- RefWorks will create the bibliography in APA, MLA, or any one of a hundred other style formats you might need.  

For more in-dept information about RefWorks see the RefWorks LibGuide



For Direct Export:

1. Conduct a search.

2. Click on the Add to folder icon for each of the results you want to save.

3. Click on the Folder icon in the upper right-hand corner.

4. Re-select the references to export.

5. Click on the Export icon.

6. Click the radio button in front of Direct Export to RefWorks to initiate a direct export.

Note: Uncheck the Remove these items from folder after saving option, if you want items to remain in the folder after performing the export function.

7. Click the Save button to begin the direct export.

8. Your records should appear in the Last Imported Folder.

Citation tools in Databases

Most of the library's databases have citation helpers embedded in them.  Using the citation tools in the databases is the quickest way to find and cite articles if you have a small project or assignment and only need a few sources.

In EBSCO databases you'll need to click on the TITLE OF THE ARTICLE > then look to the menu of tools on the RIGHT as shown below

In ProQuest databases you'll need to SELECT the items you wish to cite, then click on CITE from the top tool bar as shown below: