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APA Basics (6th edition)

APA citation examples for frequently used sources
NOTE:  for sources not listed here see the APA manual on reserve in the library or the Purdue, Online Writing Lab

  1. Journal article in print or from a library subscription database

Lastname, Firstinitial, Second initial. (Pub year). Title of article. Title of journal, volume (issue), pages.

The article title should not be italicized or placed in quotations marks, and only the first letter and proper nouns should be capitalized (APA: the Easy Way!, p. 29).  Refer to your APA text for additional guidelines. Per page 192 of APA 6th edition it is not necessary to include the name of the library database.  Database citation tools occasionally include it and your professor may ask you to include it.  If so, use the specific database name (example: Medline), not just the company provider (example: EBSCOhost) and place it immediately following the period after pages along with the words "Retrieved from".

2. Journal article online from a website with a DOI assigned

Lastname, FirstInitial, SecondInitial. (Pub year). Title of article. Title of website or journal, volume (issue), pages.
             doi: xx:xxxx-

3. No DOI (digital object identifier) is available, provide the home URL of the website where document is hosted.

Lastname, FirstInitial, SecondInitial. (Pub year). Title of article. Title of website or journal, volume (issue), pages.
             Retrieved from

4. Basic book, one author

Author, A. A. (Year of publication). Title of work: Capital letter also for subtitle. Location: Publisher.

Note: For "Location," you should always list the city and the state using the two letter postal abbreviation without periods (New York, NY).

5. Company website according to APA 6th edition

The Publications Manual for APA Style, 6th edition, does not provide guidelines for citing general web pagesPlease refer to the examples provided in your Annotated Bibliography Sample, use, or get help from a librarian.

6. Company website without author, according to

Rainbow Books. (2007). Retrieved May 4, 2010 from

7. Dissertation or thesis (example)

Shaw, T. C. (2011). Grade retention and social promotion among middle schools students. (Doctoral dissertation).  Available from  PQDT Open .  (AAT 3453517)

8. Reference book entry including a testing instrument, scale, or definition from  (example)

Beier, E. G., & Sternberg, D. P. (2000). Beier-Sternbergn discord questionnaire (DQ). In K. Corcoran & J. Fischer (Eds.), Measures for
              clinical practice
(3rd ed. pp. 81-83). New York: Free Press.

Osteoperosis. (2005). In R.W. Langford & J.D. Thompson (Eds.), Mosby's handbook of diseases (3rd ed., pp. 439-441). St Louis:
               Elsevier Mosby.

9. Video from the Counseling and Therapy Video database

Author or Producer Last Name, First Name. (Producer). (Publication Date). Title of the video [Video file].    
           Available from http://-list basic access url for producer or publisher.


Wondering what we mean by an "annotated" bibliography? 
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