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Business Law

Key library resources related to business law.

Legal Cases - tools to find them

Group paper/presentation

  1. select a legal case (criminal, civil, or both)
  2. analyze the case in light of broad themes
  3. write a synopsis
  4. present results


1. Select a Case
There are a number of ways to do this.  
a. Search by topic in

Hint: Use the "HOT TOPICS" box to choose something on a current issue

b. Search newspapers for a topic

c. Use a case from your textbook

2. Analyze the case
To analyze the case you'll need to use a variety of sources. All of these suggestions refer to the TABS or links in this Subject Guide.
Dictionaries/Reference (this is a tab on the Business Law Subject Guide) -- Get your terms correct!  Check theories and definitions. 
b. Articles (this is a tab on the Business Law Subject Guide) -- Search for articles in scholarly journals that discuss and analyze the case. 
c. JSTOR -- Look for precedent - search older scholarly publications for discussions about previous cases that shed light on present decisions.‚Äč Note: JSTOR will not cover the most recent cases. 

To analyze the case, you'll need to ask and find answers to questions and identify the broad themes such as:
Does this case represent application of common law, statutory law or the UCC?
Does this case represent a combination of criminal and civil charges for the same offense? 
Was there negilence involved or was this a case of strict liability?
Was this a contract dispute?  If so - what was being disputed and what were the issues at stake?
Was this case an example of an antitrust violation?  Why, why not?

More law info online

See the Web Sources tab for more information on finding legal sources online