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History & Political Science: Home

A guide for finding and using history & political science information

History & Political Science Department

Information on the history department, majors, and classes visit the school website: Northwest Nazarene University:History & Political Science

History course descriptions

Political Science course descriptions


Local History Sources

History of NNU

NNU Celebrates its centennial year 2012

Idaho History:

Idaho History

Idaho State Archives

2205 Old Penitentiary Road, Boise ID

Idaho State Historical Museum

610 N. Julia Davis Drive, Boise Id

Idaho Historical Timeline

Idaho Military History Museum

Explore Idaho History Interactive Map


The pages on this guide will point you to some of the most useful resources for beginning your research in history. Please contact a librarian for any further questions regarding historical research at Northwest Nazarene University.

Resources on this page are organized in several different ways including by type of source, area or specific time period. In many cases the resources overlap with one another and may be found under multiple tabs.