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EN1030/1035 University Writing & Research: Finding Articles

Library Lingo

Database  - a searchable collection of articles from all kinds of publications.  Sometimes the collection is focused on a subject, A database is the main tool used for finding articles on particular subject. Most articles found will be in full text, but sometimes they are not.  If the article is not in full text there is usually a link to request it and it will be sent to you. 

  • Peer-Reviewed/Scholarly Journal - usually the phrase used in the university or college setting to talk about publications that include research or commentary done by other scholars (i.e., Faith & PhilosophyJournal of Educational ResearchJournal of American Literature). Articles are written by researchers and scholars, and typically go through a strict review process before they are published.
  • Trade Publications  -- usually the phrase used in the university or college setting to refer to publications within a certain profession, or trade -- articles are written by professionals for professionals (i.e., Reading Teacher, Accounting TodayJournal of Christian Nursing).
  • Popular Publications -- usually the phrase used in the university or college setting to refer to publications that are focused on a specific demographic, hobby, or interest (i.e., Sports Illustrated, Time Magazine, Shutterbug, etc.). Articles are usually written by freelance writers. Articles may be useful for background information, but should not be cited as academic sources.


Databases by Subject

Databases grouped by subject.  This should help you select appropriate collections based on your topic, however, keep in mind that usually topics are covered in overlapping disciplines.  For example: If your research question is "Should the White House end a policy that bans abortion aid to victims in war zones?" you will find resources in HEALTH, but also in LAW, and RELIGION.

To search all of these collections at once use

Health Database Collection

Academic Search Complete (EBSCO)

Alt Health Source (EBSCO)

CINAHL - Cumulative Index to Nursing & Allied Health Literature (EBSCO)

HealthSource Nursing Consumer (EBSCO)

HealthSource Nursing Academic (EBSCO)

MEDLINE - National Library of Medicine (EBSCO)

Health & Medicine (Proquest)


Science, Biology, Ecology, Environment, Bioethics Database Collection

Science and technology (Proquest)

Biological & Agricultural Index (not EBSCO-search direct)

Green File (EBSCOhost)

National Agricultural Library Database (NAL).  Abstracts only.  Search Journal List (by Publication title) to determine full text availability in other NNU subscription databases.

Congressional Research Service Reports
Search the National Council for Science and the Environment collection of 2,225 CRS reports for U.S. policy regarding scientific issues. Reports are complete and in full text.


Environment: National Center for Science Education  


Education Database Collection

Education Collection (Proquest)

Academic Search Complete (EBSCO)

ERIC- Educational Research Reports (EBSCO)

Education Research Complete (EBSCO)

Professional Development Collection (EBSCO)

Business/Consumer Issues Database Collection

Business Source Premier (EBSCO)

Regional Business News (EBSCO)

Computer source (EBSCO)

Lexis Nexis

Business Collection (PROQUEST)


Social Issues

ATLA Religion Index (EBSCO)

Christian Periodical Index (EBSCO)

Religion & Philosophy Index (EBSCO)

Social Work Abstracts (EBSCO)

SocIndex (EBSCO)

NCJRS –Nat’l Criminal Justice Research (not EBSCOhost, must be search separately)


Military & Government Collection (EBSCO)

NCJRS- National Criminal Justice Research(U.S. Government)

Lexis Nexis

Religion, Ethics, Philosophy Database Collection

ALTA Religion Index (EBSCO)

Christian Periodical Index(EBSCO)

Religion and Philosophy (EBSCO)



Searching 101