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Education - Undergraduate Programs: Journals / Databases

Education Journals in the NNU Library Collection

Have a citation and trying to find the article in full text?

1) Type the title of the journal into

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to find out if something is available full text in the library's databases.




2) or use this link to see a list of journals available in the library's collections

Titles below here are just a few of those available in online editions.


 Available in print from 1988 to 1992; available electronically from  2005 through 2012

Tools for Educational Research


Search these database tools by your topic to find articles.  If an article is not in full text you will be provided with a link to place a request for an interlibrary loan. 

Note that the ALL EBSCO or ALL ProQUEST option will give access to many educational databases not listed below including Educational Research Complete, ERIC, Professional Development Collection, and the Library, Information Science, and Technology.  By going through the ALL EBSCO or ALL ProQuest portal you will be able to select and search databases simultaneously. 

At ALL EBSCO you can search these education databases and more simultaneously or individually.

  • Academic Search Complete
  • ERIC (same content at Dept of Ed website -but more full text!)
  • Education Research Complete
  • Professional Development Collection
  • Library Information Science & Technology

Go to All Proquest
At ALL Proquest you can search 16 database including these:

  • Dissertations and Theses A&I: The Humanities and Social Sciences Collection
  • ProQuest Education Journals
  • ProQuest Psychology Journals
  • ProQuest Research Library: Social Sciences
  • ProQuest Social Science Journals

Related Discliplines

Frequently, research on educational topics such as "reading fluency",  "disabilities", or "student achievement" can be found in disciplines such as psychology, and social work.  I would encourage you to include these in your search to ensure that you have done a thorough literature review.

Google Scholar

Using Google Scholar will limit your search of the web to scholarly materials and help you to avoid commercial and unreliable sources.  NOTE: when you find abstracts to articles which are not in full text - be sure to search the NNU Library Journal List by the Journal Title to determine whether you might have access to the full text article in one of the library databases or in the print collection.

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