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Art: Books & Journals


Ebrary provides access to hundreds of electronic books on the subject of art. Search for a particular artist, art styles or art period. Below are links to general topics in ebrary as well as some examples of the books included.

Subjects under: Fine Arts


Main Collection

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You can search the NNU catalog at any time by using the search box in the top right corner of this guide.  

Most of our art books are located in the N section. Some are in the T section.

If you'd like to browse the collection you might find these call number sections helpful.

Library of Congress Subject Headings in Art, Architecture & Applied Arts

  • N      Fine Arts - General
  • NA   Architecture
  • NB   Sculpture
  • NC   Drawing, Design & Illustration
  • ND   Painting
  • NE   Photography (see also: TT)
  • TR    Photography (see also: NE)
  • TT    Handicrafts, Arts & Crafts

See also

  • BH   Aesthetics
  • QM   Human Anatomy

Art Journals

Art Journals both on-line and in print may be found under the following categories.

Follow this link to a list of all art related periodicals