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E-books at Riley Library

A guide to ebook options available at NNU, written for both students and faculty

Placing EBook Central links in Canvas

LINKING TO WHOLE BOOKS: All Ebook Central links to books are "durable." To link to a whole book, simply click the "Share Link to Book" button. 

LINKING to CHAPTERS & PAGES:  If you wish to link to a chapter or a particular page, navigate to the chapter or page.

3. Click the link icon. This will link to the particular page (but it might still be a good idea to specify page number ranges to your students) You now have the persistent URL for this chapter or page and can place it in a Canvas course of your choosing using the Canvas text editor and linking tools in the Content area.  Use CTRL-V or right click and paste to enter the URL into the Canvas hyperlink window.



LINKING TO TEXT PORTIONS: If you copy a portion of the text and paste it into Canvas the citation will post automatically.  Highlight the text you wish to transfer; a pop-up box will show up. Click the copy icon, use CTRL-C to copy. Go into Canvas and paste the text into your editor using CTRL-V or the paste tools in the text editor.  

The citation will be in whatever style you have your Ebook Central account preferences set to (if you do not set up an account and select your preferences, Ebook Central defaults to MLA).