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Ebooks at Riley Library: Other Ebook Sources

A guide to ebook options available at NNU, written for both students and faculty

E-Text Sources for Faculty

Open Course Library

Finding Open Access Resources

Teaching an online course?  Want to help your students?  Start here to find open licensed material to build or enhance your course.  This collection of links lead to some of the best sources for shared educational content, lectures, video, images, academic journals and reference sources.  If you find new sources, let us know, and we'll add them! 

The Open Course Library is a project of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  The Open Access Resources website is licensed under the Creative Commons by the Washington State Colleges system.


In an effort to reduce student's cost for textbooks the California State University System has partnered with EDUCAUSE and other organizations to host this website which provides a wealth of resources for online learning resources for your courses. 

Look for the handy "Find Open Textbooks Related to a Book" feature which allows you to search for an open textbook that is similar to one you are already using.  Enter the ISBN of your current print text and it will search open source texts for an alternative option.

Subject Guide

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