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Copyright and Fair Use

Tools to help you Determine Fair Use

  • Copyright Genie - This is a great, easy to use, online tool which can answer the question: "Is it covered by copyright?".  Answer a few short questions and you're given an answer. Developed and approved by the American Library Association.

  • Baruch College Interactive Guide to using Copyrighted Media in your  Course
    Getting ready to use a video or audio file or other media in your course?  Click on "LAUNCH" and go to the "Copyright Metro" tab to use the helpful matrix for determining copyright compliance.

  • Fair Use Evaluator: helps users collect, organize, and document the information they may need to support a fair use claim, and  provides a time-stamped PDF document for the users’ records. Developed by the American Library Association, Office for Information Technology Policy.

  • Fair Use Analysis Tool:  guides users through the process of determining if a use is fair. Developed by The University of Minnesota Libraries


The TEACH Act and Course Management Systems

NNU's on-line or e-learning service technology page includes information regarding policy for using copyrighted materials. If you have questions about how to use copyrighted materials in a course management system please start here.

NNU E-learning Technology and Use of Copyrighted Materials

The TEACH ACT was put into place to update copyright laws so that they are applicable in the digital environment. The TEACH act does not replace copyright law but is an extension of that law.

These resources will help you learn more about copyright in online education.

The American Library Association's The Teach Act and Some Frequently Asked Questions covers highlights of the law.

Penn State University's  TEACH Act Frequently Asked Questions

Copyright Clearance Center provides information on using copyright materials on a course management system such as Angel.

Using-Course-Management-Systems: Guidelines and Best Practices for Copyright

Before placing items in an online course management system please review the checklist to determine if your use of items qualifies as Fair Use. Keep in mind the four factors of Fair Use:

  • Purpose
  • Nature
  • Amount
  • Effect

Fair Use Checklist