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Counseling: Counseling & Therapy Videos

Counseling and Therapy in Video

Searchable database of 353 videos on counseling techniques, theory, and interviews with famous theorists.  Can be linked to in whole or in part. (For NNU affiliates only)

Counseling session

YouTube Series on Counseling

You can find this and many other demonstration videos on YouTube.  Be careful to only trust those that clearly show that the author's credentials are scholarly and that they are hosted by a university or other respected institute.

Citing videos in APA

APA Citation Example for video

See screen shot at bottom left for where to find the information needed for creating citations from the Counseling and Therapy videos database


Copyright FAQs

Copyright FAQ's -- Counseling & Therapy in Video

  • Can I download these videos?

No, but you can link to them.  If there are several on a topic that you'd like to continue to refer to, go to "SIGN IN" and register an account so that you can create a handy playlist for collecting videos you'd like to view more than once.  As long as you are an active student or faculty member of NNU and you have internet access you can view the videos.

  • There's content that I want to link to from my own personal or library's collection. Can I upload my content?

You can't upload your own content, but you can include links to that content in course folder playlists. You can include links to any outside content in playlists, so you could create a playlist that included works from the site, plus links to any outside content so that you have one single access point for listening/viewing assignments. Each playlist has its own static URL. You can also annotate your playlists to indicate what students should be watching or listening for.

  • Can I use your videos/clips to show the general public, or include in my own library website as a general promotion?

No – there are rights restrictions that prevent you from including any streaming video to the general public. If you are planning on doing a promotion at your library or on campus, the best way to promote would be to create a playlist of selected material, and use the link on your homepage to our databases.