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Nursing: Introduction

Consider this your personal library where you will find everything you need to help you complete your course of study.


Hardin MD: Nursing & Nursing Research
Meta-site of links to nursing resources on the web Hosted by the University of Iowa

Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide
Quick answers to medical questions.  Designed to keep the print edition of the reference book up to date and provide quick authoritative answers for consumers.

Library Support for the School of Nursing

nnu nurses group photo

The nursing collection supports the various departments of the School of Nursing and Health Sciences.  It also provides resources in bioethics and health information to the university as a whole and to appropriate economics, sociology, psychology, bioethics, and pre-medical classes. 

 As a government depository library, the NNU  Library selectively collects publications of the Government Printing Office, including publications of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Essential resources to begin your research in Nursing are included in this Research Guide. Additional information and consultation are available from the Liaison Librarian for Nursing and Health Sciences, LaRita Schandorff, 208-467-8606;